Workshops & Activities

Are you ready to invest in Selfleadership: Reconnect to yourself, Re-evaluate your limiting beliefs and Surpass your challenges to get to the best version of Yourself and achieve your 2023 vision and goals?

Join us for 3 unique and interactive workshops on the 17th and 24th February and 3rd March from 11:30am until 13:30 CET where we will help you:

  • set up your vision and goals for 2023,
  • become aware of your inner narratives, needs, feelings and believes you might need to change,
  • create synergy between your inner and outer self, 
  • develop self-compassion so that the 2023 challenges become your new opportunities!
  • learn more about fashion and psychology, the importance of image & non verbal communication, how what we wear impacts on our mood and confidence and it can affect the results you achieve.

Workshops overview:

Workshop 1: Discuss vision and goals, & becoming aware of your self-stories ourselves
Workshop 2: Language, needs & feelings, align inner and outer image and messages
Workshop 3: Communicate and connect with nonviolent language, move towards where you want to be.

Fees (all 3 workshops): 200 euros.

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To ensure this is a really interactive program, where participants get the right time and attention we decided to limit the number of attendees to 12. The fees are non refundable. We understand life can get busy, and if you are unable to attend:

  • all 3 workshops, we will offer you a 121 coaching or an image consultancy session of max 90min.
  •  2 workshops, we will offer you a 121 coaching or image consultancy session of max 60min
  • 1 workshop, we will offer you a free catchup on the missed session with one of us, depending on the session you missed.

For any questions pls reach out to: 

The Speakers

Ralu Nistor-Lustermans

Business Transformation Coach/ Practitioner in Behaviour Chance & NLP/ Diversity & Inclusion Advocate

Ralu is passionate about challenging and changing the way organisations fulfil their vision by connecting people, processes and technology to organisation’s vision, mission, strategy, and culture. 

She believes that there is a direct link between employees’ behaviours, processes, organisational culture, and their results and organisational performance; therefore creating human centered organisation is essential for workplace well-being and success.

For her leadership starts with self-leadership, with self-awareness, self-acceptance and intentional decision making.

Having spent the last 20 years working and living in 6 different countries, Ralu challenged her thinking and behavious to discover new perspective, and to keep an open mind to the world around her. She embraces differences (cultural and neurodivergences) as a source of co-creating results, and her mission is to support others challenge the status quo so that they can also discover new perspectives which serve them better in their personal and professional life.

Ralu’s vision is to contribute to creating a world in which everyone gets the chance to be at their best, where we learn to celebrate what makes us unique and accept our diversities.

More about Ralu and her work at: ERNL  and on LinkedIn-Ralu

Roberta Pagliarulo

Executive and team coach/ICF accredited Master Certified Coach ( MCC )/ international speaker

As a coach and trainer Roberta has extensive experience with top management and executives in multicultural contexts, delivering executive and business coaching, she is also an ICF accredited coaching courses provider, a mentor and supervisor in ICF ( International Coaching Federation) accredited coaching courses in Italy, Middle East and Asia  and she is a speaker for Italian and international coaching and HR conferences.

More than ten years ago, in a difficult period of her life, she met coaching and realized that she was living a life that wasn’t authentic. After her coaching degree she decided to quit her job as a HR Manager and to change her personal life, creating her own business.

Roberta’s mission is to help others to live the life they want to belong to, to find their inner motivation and balance among body, mind and emotions.

More about Roberta and her work at: Roberta Pagliarulo – Executive & Team Coach and on LinkedIn -Roberta

Susana González

Fashion and Personal Brand &  Image Consultant

Susana is an experienced Personal Brand and Image Consultant that has made her life’s mission to help others present their best selves to the world. She holds a degree in Marketing as well as multiple certifications in Image and Fashion Consulting from prestigious schools in Madrid, Hamburg, London and Milan.

Turning her passion into her profession, she founded her own agency, mYmage, from where she encourages her customers to lean on who they are on the inside, incorporate their true essence into their outfits, and convey the right message on the outside. She is passionate about providing effective tools and strategies to help her clients showcase their most confident, authentic selves through their fashion choices, with great results. 

She also applies the same style guidelines to corporate branding, incorporating the human aspect of organisations and people into their image and communications. 

Susana currently resides with her husband in Brabant, The Netherlands, enjoying nature and volunteering for different organisations. Among those, her time as a board member of the International Women’s Club Eindhoven not only gave her a renewed understanding of the nuances of cultural diversity, but also brought upon a new distinctive edge to the club’s publications.

More information about Susana and her work and services at and on LinkedIn.