About Me

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

I am Ralu Nistor-Lustermans, the founder of ERNL, a leadership and diverse teams coach, trainer/speaker, organisation transformation advisor, seasoned Internal Auditor and most of all a lifelong curious learner.

My passion lays in creating environments where people can work from their strengths, where diversity of all types is a source of co-creating results and where we feel comfortable to speak up and challenge the way we do things so that we can find new perspectives and new solutions to old problems.

I talk about people and culture, processes and corporate governance, behaviours and results. I like to challenge and change the way organisations fulfil their vision and mission by bringing in a holistic approach which connects people, processes and technology to organisation’s vision, mission, strategy and culture. I believe that effective processes & innovative technologies are organisation’s success enablers, and people are organisation’s heart; therefore organisations need the best of both to succeed.

Having spent the last two decades living and working in various European countries (Italy, Ireland, France, UK and now in the Netherlands), the international and multi-cultural experiences shaped me as an open-minded individual who embraces diversity (cultural and neurodiversity) as a source of new perspectives. 

I had the opportunity to have various internal audit roles which allowed me to challenge the status quo and make a real impact on organisation’s processes and culture. 

While pursuing my Internal Audit career I found myself getting a deep interest in organisational culture; in how organisations successfully transform their work culture and create inclusive environments where collaboration is based on trust, shared vision and purpose. This drew me into business coaching, NLP, applied neuroscience, positive psychology, mental health and other fascinating fields.

ERNL was founded to join the dots, to awaken and transform organisations’ consciousness and support each employee and team be the best they can be, and move from where they are to where they want to be.  I enjoy being a critical friend and a voice of reason, and working with organisations and leaders who challenge the status quo and embark on a change journey which requires new ways of thinking and behaving to achieve more effective results.

‘When employees connect with organisation’s mission and vision and the organisation’s culture enables every employee to be at their best, employees will lead the organisation to success.”(ERNL)

Ralu Elena Nistor-Lustermans


Some of my corporate achievements:

  • Founded and chaired a Return to Work Support Network supporting, that helps returnees to work (after a long career break) reintegrate into their work environment with confidence; an initiative which triggered changes to the HR processes and management’s behaviours and that ocontributed to the organistion winning the Employee Engagement Award (2017).
  • Coached amazing people to move from a “stand” or “stuck in” situations to where they wanted to be: a promotion, a new career, a change in their beliefs system, etc.
  • Successfully set up an internal audit department as a trusted business partner and deployed an internal control culture in an international organisation in which the headquarters culture was based on trust, which was percieved as conflcting with having controls in place.  
  • Restructured and transformed a service attestation reporting – service line for one of the top ten accountancy firms leading to increased clients satisfaction and revenue.
Ralu in Transfagarasan, Romania
“At times achieving our goals could seem as climbing a mountain, it requires physical and mental determination, reframing our thoughts and limiting beliefs, and we might need to stop and zoom out to see the bigger picture, before we can zoom in, into details again.” (Ralu)

On a personal level I am a proud step-mom and mom of 3 unique and special boys. My family is my strength and together we share a passion for cheering and supporting each in becoming better every day. We love nature, traveling and getting curious about the world around us.

I love climbing a mountain to its peak, where the views are so different and where I feel I can gain new perspectives.

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Vision & Mission

ernl mission

My Mission

My mission is to help creating nurturing, inclusive, equitable and diverse environments where every individual can reach for their own stars. 

I do that by awakening individual and collective/organisational consciousness and awareness of the impact of behaviours and processes on results so that we all can choose to challenge the status quo and deliver on personal missions and a bigger purpose. 

ernl vision

My Vision

I believe in a world in which everyone gets the chance to be at their best; where we learn to celebrate what makes us unique and to accept our diversities, as a source of co-creating new solutions to old problems. 


Education & Courses


  • MSc in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics – Birkbeck University, London, UK 
  • MSc in eGovernance and eBusiness – University of Trieste, Italy 
  • MSc in Applied statistics – University of Bucharest, Romania 
  • Degree in Mathematics and Informatics University of Bucharest, Romania 

Coaching Qualifications

  • Associate Certified Coach – ACC, ICF
  • Practitioner in Brain and Behaviour Change – Applied Neuroscience Programme, ITS
  • Certified Positive Psychology Master Coach 
  • Certified Business Coach and Mentor (ILM level 5)
  • Neurological Linguistical language (NLP) Practitioner  
  • Lumina Learning Spark and Emotions Practitioner  
  • Mental Health First Aider  
  • Member of the International Coaching Federation & the Association of Coaching (UK) 

Internal Audit Certifications

  • Certified Internal Auditor  (CIA)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor  (CISA)
  • Member of Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Global and IIA UK  
  • Member of Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) 

Current Volunteering Roles

Trustee and Member of the Audit Committee

As a Trustee and member of the Audit and Risk Committee my main responsibilities are to ensure that the charity delivers on its strategy and its purpose while managing its risks and having a good governance in place, so that informed decisions are made at the right level.


Vice Chair of the MR PO

Vice chair of  the MP PO (parent and staff committee) for the International Primary School in Eindhoven. As a member of the MP PO my role is to ensure that parents’, staff’s and students’ voices and perspectives are considered when the school leadership makes decisions.