Organisational Transformation Advisory

Working with your organisation on achieving more effective results and nurturing leadership at all organisational levels by awakening organisational awareness on culture, people, processes, technology and their impact on performance. 

People’s behaviours impact on their results, the results of their teams and ultimately the organisation’s results; and their behaviours are imapcted by the organisational context and designed processes. 

Let’s connect the dots between: people, processes, behaviours and results.

Having spent all most two decades living in different European countries and working for various industries as an (IT) internal auditor, allowed me to explore different organisational cultures, leadership styles and observe how oragnisations’ performance and success is impacted by its culture, the way people behave and get things done.

This led me to embark on a journey of challenging and changing the way organisations are looking to transformation and achieving effective results, by bringing in a holistic approach which connects people, processes, and behaviours to the vision, mission, strategy and culture of the organisation (results). 

"When employees connect with organisation's mission and vision and the organisation's culture enables every employee to be at their best, employees will lead the organisation to success."


How will we Awaken organisations Awareness?

We work together to align organisation’s Why, What and How, while nurturing stakeholders’ needs, so that WHEN results are achieved they are a direct output of creating a positive shift in working habits and improved processes.  

What exactly will we do?

  1. Understand organisation’s missionWHY are you in business. 
  2. Understanding WHAT you want to achieve, what are organisation’s vision and goals. 
  3. Help define when the organisation knows goals and effective results have been achieved; success metrics.  
  4. Awaken organisation’s awareness on How to improve: assess the current culture, governance and processes; identify improvements. 
  5. Advice on creating a change plan or strategy so that the organisation starts its change journey. 
  6. Provide independent reviews during the change journey and transformation period. 
business corporation

Corporate Governance

Assessing clarity of roles and responsibilities; decision making process, board dynamics. 

business organisational chart

Organisational culture

Reviewing tone at the top, stories, performance and reward process, team dynamics. 

business advisory

Internal Control Effectiveness

Reviewing specific processes (non-financial) and their effectiveness. 

business analytics

Transformation Programmes

Independent assurance of programme governance and delivery. My experience covers specifically IT transformation programmes. 

business lenses

In & Out Lenses

Reviewing organisation’s relationships with its stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers. 

Some of my successes

Set-up an internal audit department and deployed an internal control culture in France a global recognised organisation which culture was based on trust. 

Led the transformation of a service line in one of the big 10 accountancy firms: aligned the delivery methodology with global standards, upskilled the team, increased clients’ satisfaction and portfolio value. 


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