Effective Results through Nurturing Leadership

Organisations’ success in the current TUNA (Turbulent-Uncertain-Novel-Ambiguous) world is an amplification of the success and results of each of its employees and their teams. 1 + 1 = 3!

While the digitalised world in which we operate, makes it possible for more and more cognitive skills to become automated, there is an inctresed need for employees to develop their character skills, their ability to embrace diversity, enhance collaboration, innovate and co-create, as prerequisites to individual and collective success.

Let’s build human-centred organisations!

People. Processes. Behaviours. Results

How can ERNL help you?


ERNL's mission is to create nurturing, inclusive and equitable work environments where diversity is a source of co-creating effective results and where every individual can reach for their own starts while delivering on a bigger purpose!

Clients said:


My overall aim was to increase my self-confidence at work while I developed towards a more leadership focussed role.

Through our sessions and some fun reflection exercises, Ralu has helped me think about my challenges in a new way. I now take time to focus on my strengths and have a more confident mindset, which has led me to feel more comfortable about taking on new responsibilities at work. Having Ralu’s support was valuable to me during this process.

Joanna Hayes

Associate Director

I have achieved much more from our coaching relationship than I thought I would. Whenever I have something challenging on the horizon Ralu is my first point of call to help me understand the situation and figure out my strategy. Ralu’s coaching has made a very tangible difference to my career and the fulfilment I get from my work.

Penny Knowles

Project Lead

I had the pleasure of attending a leadership workshop facilitated by Ralu during my time as Toastmasters Division Director. When it came to organizing a similar training for 50+ attendees, there was no question that I wanted Ralu to lead the session. Her approach inspired attending club officers to reflect on their own leadership styles, while also emphasizing the importance of understanding the dynamics between different personalities within their club board. By doing so, Ralu helped to improve cooperation and teamwork among the participants. I was impressed by Ralu’s ability to strike a balance between theory and practice, and her facilitation style made the workshop engaging and interactive. I highly recommend Ralu for anyone looking for training or coaching in leadership or team dynamics.

Dimitri Biniaris, Model Develoment, NN Group

Project Lead


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