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We accelerate organisational culture transformation.

ERNL works with organisations and individuals who want to challenge the status quo, awaken behaviours' and processes impact awareness, and find new perspectives to create an inclusive environment where diversity leads to more creative ways of achieving effective results.


Business Advisory and Assurance

Organisations face unprecedented challenges of being more sustainable, more effective, achieve better results while delivering on their vision and purpose and ensuring employees are at their best. Leadership is ownership!

We work together to discover new ways of achieving effective results and nurturing leadership by awakening organisational awareness on culture, people, processes, technology and their impact on performance. 


Coaching You and/or Team

In a world where uncertainty is the only certainty we are faced with many challenges, and the question is not how we can avoid challenges (they are a given), is how we can equip ourselves with the best tools to come out more resilient and step up.   

Working together YOU and/or Your Team will awaken awareness on the effect and impact of behaviours on desired outcomes. You will discover new perspectives which will enable you to fulfil your vision and achieve your goals more effectively. 

Elevating Internal Audit Impact

The eyes of the public and of the boards have turned many times towards internal audit (IA), when organisations failed to deploy the right work culture, or an effective internal control environment, or an adequate corporate governance, etc, asking what could IA have done differently?

I work with IA Leaders to help them make IA more impactful and more relevant for all its stakeholders in an ever changing risk environment.  


The services provided use models and tools from Applied Neuroscience, NLP, Positive Psychology, Coaching, Psychometrics and ...more!

"Choose to challenge the status quo, awaken your awareness and discover new perspectives to elevate your impact and fulfil your vision."


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Business Advisory and Assurance clients: Small or medium organisations, local or global that have to improve on their processes or on the way their teams work together in order to enhance performance. My contacts within an organisation are normally the owner/funder/CEO, CFO, the transformation leader and service delivery leaders. 
  • Coaching You and/or Teams: Individuals who want to learn more about their strengths and how working on those can bring them better results. My coaching areas are mainly professionally focused, related to performance, career move, work-life balance, return to work, integration into a new cultural context and team coaching. 
  • Elevating Internal Audit Impact: Internal Audit directors, managers who want to enhance IA visibility and enable internal audit professionals to perform at their best within the function. 
  • A coach is a person who followed a structured coaching training.  Coaching is very much a non-directive relationship, driven by the coachees. 
  • A mentor does not necessarily have specific training in mentorship, but had expertise and knowledge in the area of mentorship. A mentor advises based on their experience and knowledge and the relationship can be more directive and suggestive, driven more by the mentor. 

Our first meeting is free of charge to get to know each other, understand what we want to achieve from our collaboration and how best we can collaborate. This meeting can take place via video call, or in person, if possible, depending on location. 

For organisations the way we collaborate (meetings, workshops, interim engagement) will depend on the assignment. 

For coaching clients, if we decide to go ahead after the first meeting and work together, I suggest to commit to a minimum of 6 coaching sessions; however this is not a must; and options are discussed depending on the client’s goals, situation, etc.

The meetings take place face to face where possible or online via Zoom or another online meeting tool which we can agree on; from Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 9:30am CET time and 2:30pm CET time; any other times can be agreed as needed.  


My hourly fee will vary depending on the engagement. We will discuss this during our first meeting if an  hourly rate or a package rate will be more appropriate for the collaboration. 

To be open to change and own the actions we agree upon, as individuals and as an organisation. 


In English, Italian and Romanian. 

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