Pushing our comfort zone increases our resilience!
Does getting out of our comfort zone increases our resilience and “can do” attitude? I definitely think yes!

Here is my HOWDO magazine article on pushing our comfort zone boundarties.
https://lnkd.in/e_4jCf6W Page 39!

Here is the article:

Comfort zone is a psychological state in which one feels safe and at ease. Pushing our comfort zone’s boundaries helps us increase our resilience.

There is a lot going on in our minds and bodies when we decide to take up a physical or mental challenging activity. We deal with fears and possible physical barriers, and we need to push through and get to our “second breath” before we can continue; but once we did it, our sense of satisfaction (and release of dopamine) is incredibly enhanced.

Living in another country, learning a new language, taking up a new job, joining a competition, etc. are all activities which require getting out of our comfort zone, and which will help us redefine the boundaries within which we feel safe and at ease.

Taking up challenges which pushes us out of comfort zone, in a safe and guided way, helps us increase our resilience and can-do attitude.

This summer holiday, letting go of being in control and not having my feet on the ground was my biggest challenge, and my way of getting out of my physical and mental comfort zone.
My 3 children and my hubby looked like squirrels in the trees; I felt more like mama bear in the trees,  but I still did it; and it felt amazing at the end!!
A week later I was still feeling some sort of muscle pain; but my “can-do” attitude was increased!

As a coach I encourage my clients to take small steps out of their comfort zone, so that they can increase their resilience, discover new inner resources and new perspectives which will help them achieve their goals.
Comfort zone is a mental boundary which we can challenge and redefine!