Elevate Impact Program

Elevate Impact Programme’s aim is to help teams and organisations to move from where they are to where they want to be, by taking an inside out approach to transformation by enhacing teams’ ability to collaborate and co-create effective results.

The programme was created based on the believe that the employees’ inner drive, behaviours and results impact on the team’s outcomes, which impact on the organisation’s desired outcomes, and on reverse the organisation’s culture, processes and technologies will drive employees’ behaviours and results, creating a constant impact circle: elevate impact circle (EIC).

“We connect individuals to their teams and teams to their organisations.”

Program steps:

Lumina Teams example

The programme is build around 4 workshops of half day each. Before the first workshop each team member will have to fill in a questionnaire and get their personalised Lumina Spark portrait.

Programme’s Benefits:

Clients said:


…The programme gave us an inside on who we are as individuals and how we best work together as a team. It challenged our thinking and helped us in setting interlinked goals for each team member and as a collective team. Our day-to-day collaboration was strengthened and our mutual respect and understanding of each other was enhanced…

Raoul L.

Head of Global Infrastructure Services

It allowed us to bring the team to the next level. Several weeks after the workshops I can see the tangible benefits in day to day working situations that run smoother, more to the point and with increased shared energy levels.

Jacco S.

Transition Program Manager


Build a highly effective teams!