“80% of success is showing up”

Celebrating the first year of showing up in my business! 2022 was my first year of business for ERNL. Officially my company exists for soon 2 years, and the first 12 months, during pandemic, were dedicated to more training, creating the business content, website, services, etc.   The last 10 months have been dedicating to […]

What brought you here will not bring you there!

I am delighted to share that ERNL has been featured in HowDo magazine issue 28 June/July 2022 (pages 30-31). HowDo is a magazine for internationals in Eindhoven area. https://www.howdomagazine.com/issuu/list Here is the article: 18Jan Setting vision and goals for 2023! As we all dive into 2023, for some of us the beginning of the year […]