Positive Psychology: what does it have to do with work culture?

On Saturday I had the great honor to be invited for a business talk about the impact of positive psychology on work culture. In the last 12 years or so I develop an interest in positive psychology and its benefits for our wellbeing, and lately I started wondering how the science of positive psychology can help organisations develop the work culture they want? 

Here is the article:

The answer was so simple and obvious that it is overlooked as most of us are thinking that complex problems need to have complex solutions.

If you are curious on how the science of positive psychology can transform your work culture in one which enhances your employees well-being have a listen to the conversation I had with Kareem Sheta, a fellow colleague from the Positive Psychology Master Coach programme:


Kareem is a leadership trained in Egypt and the owner of “Food for thought” channel where his guests are crossing many cultural boundaries.


Thanks Kareem for inviting me to speak on a topic I am very passionate about.