How do we develop highly effective multicultural and (neuro)diverse teams?
This is a question I heard a lot over my time in various corporates. The problem/question seems to be the same independend of the country I was in, and I always wondered what can we learn from the sport world to bring into the corporate world?

What we probably all observe is that the sport coaches focus on understanding each individuals’ strengths, and how those strengths can be used in a complimentary way to create a winning team; where each individual’s goal is interlinked with the team’s goal.
Sounds simple, isn’t it? 🙂
Could we do the same in organisations? – I think yes!

In my new article in the HowDo magazine no 29, I am sharing how Elevate Impact programme helps multicultural and diverse teams become more effective and performing better.
I look forward to working with new teams.

Here is the link to the digital magazine, my article is on page 30 & 31.