Entrepreneurship is like farming

I often think that an entrepreneur at the beginning of their journey is like a farmer who starts planting their crops on a new piece of land. The first year(s) they do not know how abundant the autumn will be, because they do not know how fertile the ground is, but as they continue using […]

Setting vision and goals for 2023!

As we all dive into 2023, for some of us the beginning of the year is an exciting time to set new goals or review the ones we have. My latest article for the HOwDo magazine no 32, is a trigger to make you think about your 2023 vision and related goals. Here is the […]

“80% of success is showing up”

Celebrating the first year of showing up in my business! 2022 was my first year of business for ERNL. Officially my company exists for soon 2 years, and the first 12 months, during pandemic, were dedicated to more training, creating the business content, website, services, etc.   The last 10 months have been dedicating to […]

Celebrate the small steps, they are part of your bigger journey!

Right in time for the upcoming festive season, my latest article in HOWDO magazine article is a reminder of the importance of celebrating small successes! Online at: https://lnkd.in/eWqMU4vq page 30! Here is the article: As I was putting pen to paper to write this article for the last number of HowDo magazine in 2022, I inevitably […]

Pushing our comfort zone boudaries increases our resilience

Pushing our comfort zone increases our resilience! Does getting out of our comfort zone increases our resilience and “can do” attitude? I definitely think yes! Here is my HOWDO magazine article on pushing our comfort zone boundarties.https://lnkd.in/e_4jCf6W Page 39! Here is the article: Comfort zone is a psychological state in which one feels safe and […]

Develop highly effective multicultural and diverse teams

How do we develop highly effective multicultural and (neuro)diverse teams? This is a question I heard a lot over my time in various corporates. The problem/question seems to be the same independend of the country I was in, and I always wondered what can we learn from the sport world to bring into the corporate […]

NEWS: Elevate Impact Programme shorlisted for 2 awards at Lumina Connect 2022

Time to celebrate!!! When an idea becomes a concept, and the concept becomes a programme that is shortlisted for two (!!!) awards at Lumina Connect 2022, it’s time to stop and celebrate!! Here is the article: Robert in ‘t Veld and I are super delighted that Elevate Impact Programme, a result of our collaboration, where we embraced the […]

Importance of behavious change in IT Transformations

I am super delighted to share that ISACA NL published a second article for me, this time on the importance of behaviours change to deliver successful IT transformations, it applies actually to any organisational transformation, which involves changing what is done now to do something new and different. Here is the article: Interested in knowing […]

IWCE interview – Moving to the Netherlands during pandemic times.

It has been a pleasure to be interviewed by IWCE – International Women’s Club in Eindhoven, about my move to the Netherlands during pandemic times. Although Netherlands is my 6 country to live in, in the last 20 years, no bug change comes without its big challenges. A great support network, like family, friends and […]